Shop by Room: Home Office Design Inspiration

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executive home office

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clean & organized

minimal office

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creative workspace

modern office

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contemporary design

modular office

executive chic

Black and tan home office:Mix a traditional desk with cozy boucle upholstery and extra storage built in for home office that goes to the executive level.

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work life balance

Home office that does it all, work from home, but also create a space to pursue hobbies.

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workspace for two

Create a co-working space that inspires mutual productivity.

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sleek warmth

Warm toned wood with mid-century sensibilities.

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chic minimalism office

Brass accents and sculptural design are highlighted by clean lines and warm texture.

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oak office nook

A cool small desk and chair combo scaled to fit almost anywhere. Perfect for home offices tucked into a corner, closet or corner of a larger room.

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executive office

Subtle curves and thoughtful details keep the office modern yet relaxed. Ease the mind with neutral tones and minimal accents.

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read + reflect

Grab a paperback and relax in a neutral nook that soothes the senses.

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modular office

Combine modular shelving to create a classic, practical work station ideal for shared spaces.

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minimalist workspace

Weave together classics with modern updates to create an elevated workspace.

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collected office

Display curios in an elegant shadow box desk to create a refined workspace.

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work in style

Hang your coat and get down to business in an elegant corner office nook.

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petite office

Traditional pottery and stonework channel the southwest desert in this neutral, modern office.

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executive home office

Take charge with an organic, stately desk that commands respect. Display curios in a refined cabinet for elevated inspiration.

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boss office

Work 9 to 5 in a rustic, industrial office space designed for optimal ingenuity.

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breezy home office

Channel the flow of the ocean with a modern coastal office space. Create the illusion of a seaside cottage with shiplap wallpaper.

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modern office

Set the mood for a productive flow with modern office essentials. Spin some vinyl and plan the next quarter from a velvet throne.

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mcm inspired office

Keep it classy with a minimal glam office nook. Get down to business with a sculptural desk.

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fresh home office

Step into a sparkling gem of an office. Build a creative space with modern flair.

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charming office nook

Pair antique accents and industrial mid-century furnishings to create a sophisticated workspace.

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