Lanterns: Decorative Indoor & Outdoor Lanterns

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Hanging a lantern from the ceiling can add a unique and decorative touch to a space. Here are general steps to follow when hanging a lantern on the ceiling:

Choose the Location: Determine the ideal location for hanging the lantern from the ceiling. Consider the purpose and function of the lantern, as well as the aesthetics of the space. It could be centered above a dining table, in a foyer, or as a focal point in a room.

Select a Mounting Method: Assess the type of ceiling you have and choose a suitable mounting method. Common options include ceiling hooks, ceiling plates, or a pendant light kit. Ensure that the chosen method can support the weight of the lantern.

Gather the Necessary Tools and Materials: Depending on the chosen mounting method, gather the required tools and materials. This may include a ladder, measuring tape, a drill, screws, anchors (if necessary), a screwdriver, and any specific hardware provided with the lantern or mounting kit.

Measure and Mark: Use a measuring tape to determine the desired placement of the lantern. Mark the spot on the ceiling where you want to install the mounting hardware. Ensure the mark is centered and aligns with any desired symmetry or focal points in the room.

Install Mounting Hardware: Follow the instructions provided with the mounting hardware or pendant light kit to properly install it on the ceiling. This may involve drilling pilot holes, using anchors if needed, and securely attaching the hardware to the ceiling surface.

Connect Electrical Wiring (If Applicable): If the lantern requires electrical wiring, follow the instructions provided with the pendant light kit to connect the wiring. This may involve stripping the wire insulation, connecting the wires according to color coding, and securely fastening them with wire nuts. If you're not comfortable with electrical work, it's best to hire a licensed electrician.

Hang the Lantern: Once the mounting hardware is securely in place, hang the lantern from the ceiling. Depending on the design, there may be a hook, loop, or chain attachment on the lantern that connects to the mounting hardware. Follow the specific instructions provided with the lantern to ensure it is hung correctly and securely.

Test and Adjust: Once the lantern is hung, test the lighting and ensure it functions properly. If needed, adjust the height or position of the lantern to achieve the desired lighting and aesthetic effect.

Remember to always follow safety precautions when working with electrical components and, if unsure, consult a professional electrician for assistance.

Lanterns: Decorative Indoor & Outdoor Lanterns

Traditional outdoor lanterns to chic decorative lanterns and candle lanterns, Burke Decor offer a broad selection of electrified lanterns and in both indoor and outdoor of styles. Burke Decor’s Lanterns collection features pieces by the best interior and lighting designers like  Aerin + Alexa Hampton + BD Fine Lighting + Currey & Company + Feiss + Hudson Valley Lighting + Troy Lighting

Lighten up your yard with the industrial modern Founders Outdoor Medium Lantern. Bring historical charm to the modern home with the Caddo Large Linear Lantern by Julie Neill complete with candelabra reminiscent of gas luminaries ideal for vintage inspired decor. Patinated copper brings worn elegance and old world charm to the Brantley Lantern by Suzanne Kasler updated with modern wiring and efficiency. Evocative of early cathedral lanterns, the Morris Large Lantern by Suzanne Kasler makes a strong impression with a simple geometric frame. Ideal for transitional, coastal or modern farmhouse decors— Bantry House Extra Large Lantern by Alexa Hampton brings an air of modernity to classic interiors and exteriors through clean lines and negative space. The striated design of Aerin’s Mill Large Globe Lantern creates a beguiling interplay between light and dark with a beautifully crafted orb reminiscent of ancient sundials. The Zodiac Lantern by Chapman & Myers makes a stellar signatory for a mythical modern space with spherical luminaries, aligning orbits, and classic astrological symbolism. Warwick Medium Lantern by Chapman & Myers begs to illuminate the grand foyer of a Bridgerton with the elegant glow of regency charm. Simple, elegant, and fresh, the Ren Large Pendant by Becki Owens modern hardware and cool contrasting materials elevates the contemporary pendant into a timeless fixture. With designs by top designers, Burke Decor’s curated collection of modern Lanterns are crafted from the finest materials including brass, stainless steel, iron, wood, rattan, and glass. Elevate your space with light fixtures that compliment your design style. Burke Decor’s expansive Lanterns Collection can accommodate a myriad of design styles— including contemporary, mid-century modern, coastal, modern, transitional, and traditional design.

Burke Decor’s curated collection of Lanterns includes a wide variety of lantern styles for your home decor needs.  Browse Lanterns below. All orders over $50 ship free to the 48 contiguous states.