Coffee Tables

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  • Choose a Focal Point: Select a centerpiece or decorative item to anchor the table, like a vase of flowers or a stylish tray.
  • Add Height and Layers: Incorporate objects of varying heights to create visual interest. Stack books, add a small sculpture, or use decorative boxes.
  • Keep it Balanced: Maintain a balance between functional and decorative items. Leave space for drinks or snacks if needed.
  • Incorporate Personal Touches: Display items that reflect your personality, such as photo frames, candles, or small artifacts.
  • Seasonal Changes: Refresh the decor with seasonal elements or swap out items to keep the look dynamic.

A standard coffee table typically has a height ranging from 16 to 18 inches (40 to 46 centimeters). However, the ideal height can vary based on personal preference and the seating arrangement in your living space. It's essential to consider the relative height of the seating around the table to ensure comfortable use. If you have lower seating like a sectional sofa with a lower profile, you might opt for a slightly lower coffee table, while higher seating may pair well with a taller table. Ultimately, choose a height that complements your seating and suits your comfort preferences. See our guide on How to measure furniture.

Start by placing a decorative centerpiece, such as a bowl of flowers or a unique sculpture, at the center. We suggesst that you add items of varying heights, like candles or small vases, for visual interest.

Use books or trays to corral smaller items and create a neat, organized look. Include personal touches like framed photos or sentimental objects to add character.

Change decorations seasonally to keep the table fresh and aligned with your decor theme.

  • Choose a coffee table that fits well in your living space. Ensure the height complements your seating.
  • Select a table that matches your furniture style. Consider your storage needs or focus on aesthetics.
  • Choose a material that suits your lifestyle.
  • Pick a shape that works with your seating arrangement. Opt for a table that can adapt to different room setups.

Coffee Tables

An essential item in any sitting area or living room, coffee tables can also become a "make or break" element in the overall design scheme. Select the wrong table and you regret it for years, but choose the right one and it becomes a treasure. From modern drum tables and nesting coffee combos, to sleek marble pillars and minimal wooden classics, Burke Décor’s collection of high-quality modern Coffee Tables are built to last and have features that will co-mingle with existing architectural elements and color schemes in your home. 

Burke Decor’s Coffee Tables collection features pieces from top home décor designers Bassett Mirror + BD Studio + BD Studio II  + Bungalow 5 + Cyan Design + Ethnicraft + Ferm Living + Gus Modern + Interlude Home + Jamie Young+ Jonathan Adler  +  Lyon Béton +Menu + NoirRegina Andrew + Redford House  + Selamat + Surya —bringing the finest materials, craftsmanship, style and quality to your home. Accommodate any style and design sensibility with an array of shapes and materials ranging from industrial metals, modern glass, and solid wood to sculptural stone and woven rattan. 

Finding the right coffee table for your home takes thoughtful consideration of the space available as well as the essential tone and style of the room. For a versatile timeless table that makes a subtle statement, style the Plinth Table Low with a modern modular sofa for a refined minimalist living space. Stunning forces of nature are captured in the walnut-finished Hudson Coffee Table, as spalted primavera and yukas woods are hand-shaped into a cylindrical silhouette ideal for rustic modern, minimalist, and farmhouse design. Embrace Japandi minimalism with the Oak Nordic Coffee Table available in two sizes with a discreet top drawer for utilitarian storage. For a modern update on retro white concrete decor, try the curved Meza Nesting Coffee Table

Our Coffee Table collection features lift top modern coffee tables, translucent glass coffee tables and coffee tables with storage to fit your aesthetic and space constraints. When in doubt, select a modern coffee table that is at least two-thirds smaller than the size of your sofa. 

Burke Decor’s Coffee Table collection includes a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs for your home furnishing needs. Look through the product pages to find a table height that compliments the surrounding seat cushions. Burke Decor makes buying coffee tables online easy with free shipping for all orders over $50 in the 48 contiguous states.