Edible Flower Cakes

When I was in high school I saw this Martha Stewart show about making edible sugared flower cakes from actual flowers. My mind was BLOWN. 

Now, I HATE to cook, but I love pretty things and flowers were enough of an incentive to make cooking worth it.  My best friend and I immediately tried to make them and they turned out nothing like Martha's flowers, but they were still flowers so they were still so pretty. We started to make and bring them to parties with us, and these were not sweet, sophisticated parties, these were keg parties with a bunch of dumb teenagers. We were just so excited to make these pretty little flower cakes. 

Fast forward 20 years: We are now carrying these amazing edible flower seeds and starter kits from The Floral Society and I am so excited to send my childhood best friend the  Edible Flower Kit for Christmas. 

So today I went and searched for Martha's sugared edible flowers and found a video (I swear this is not the original one I saw, but close enough).

The one thing about Martha's recipe for making the sugared Edible flowers is that she makes them with eggs. I don't really eat eggs and kind of think they are gross so I was doubly excited to find some vegan bakers making the same flowers.  It'll probably be even harder than Martha's but I am going to give it a shot... as soon as my garden grows in...


Check them out - they are so lovely:


And I'm going to wear this apron while I make these sugared flowers so I look legit.