Bohemian Rugs

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Bohemian Rugs

Bohemian Style Rugs Collection

Burke Décor’s bohemian rug collection is full of beautiful multi-colored designs and organic patterns. You don’t have to travel the globe to create the worldly feel that our bohemian rugs, also known as boho rugs, emanate. Unconventional by nature, they feature wild, artsy prints and utilize many colors, especially earthen tones such as tan, brown, red and green. We love decorating with natural rugs because they add intrigue and naturally coordinate with both modern and classic furniture and fixtures. So go ahead and explore our collection of bright rugs and find something unique for your home.

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Is Bohemian(Boho) style for you? This design is for all people who like to fill their home with life, culture, and pieces of furnishing that express their story. It is more of an unusual and carefree look that matches the present mindset of most. Not one bohemian style room can look exactly the same as the other designs. However, there can be similarities between two rooms using the same fashion but they cannot be completely alike. They have no rule of a specific color palette. Although earthly and metallic colors are quite common. The idea of bohemian decor is to think warm, colors like gold, terra cotta, and electric blue. The color white does not relate to this style. This style is all about being bold and mixing colors that usually won’t go well together. Our collection exactly does the same thing presenting astonishing colorful stylish It is the best organic choice of carpet for your home decor. The exquisitely designed pieces give an earthly feel and wonderful accent to your room. They bring excitement to the category of rugs with its unique pattern and timeless designs. You can find the desired size in the same style that can fit any room type of your choice.

Boho Area Rugs

Shopping boho area rugs have never been more fun and convenient and our collection represents the best of what Burke Décor has to offer. An extraordinary carpet has the power to transform any room in your home by setting the stage for furniture and accent pieces. Our curated modern collection features designs and prints from all over the world that use many different color combinations to create unique looking pieces. Because bohemian rugs use so many colors, they are fun to mix and match and even layer with other carpets. It is easy to enhance your decor with our fresh and colorful collection of bohemian rugs. They have tons of variations in color, pattern, and design that can style any space while providing ultimate comfort. Before purchasing it is necessary you measure other furniture around it to get the perfect fit. It may feel that this style can be a bit dull, but it is not the case. Bohemian style can be very glamorous even with the unusual look.

Area Rugs at BurkeDécor

Buying rugs at Burke Decor are no less than taking a shopping trip around the world, with world-class designers and products there surely is a treat waiting for you. Our products bring global fashion and unique design at a great price. Find all types of rugs that are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and brands. These trendy rugs is a great way to bring a charming accent to your space. They are high in design, comfort, style, and durability. They present a color palette with various designs from flowers to stripes. Bohemian look is all about mix and match giving a rough look. These rugs should have a bit worn look to present the right appearance. Materials are also mixed and matched such sisal with silk to give that carefree look. The key to having a bohemian piece of furniture is that it should tell a story about it. The design is all about suspense, it will always surprise your guest on where you got the furniture from and how well you mixed with rest of the decor items.

Burke Décor’s colorful bohemian rug collection features carpets in various sizes that are available in natural textures including wool, leather, cotton, jute, silk and outdoor materials. With brands like Surya, Safavi, Dash&Albert, Jaipur, NuLoom, and Barclay Butera Lifestyle, there is sure to be a designer piece you will love. Buying bohemian area rugs online is easy with free shipping to all 48 contiguous states. Shop Burke Décor’s best carpet collection and let a fabulous area rug transform your home by adding texture, style, and color. A bohemian look should show how bold you are.