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Emissary’s collection of glazed ceramic home décor, lighting fixtures, and furnishings is filled with globally-inspired details that combine Eastern details with Western profiles for the ultimate fusion style in your space. Burke Décor offers a select variety of Emissary’s work, allowing you to decorate your shelves, contain clutter in stylish vases, or fill your space with unique furniture items. Mix and match these pieces with other styles to create a bohemian, eclectic space; or use the Emissary collection to create an entire room with this signature style.

Emissary’s collection of glazed ceramic stools double as side tables or simple floor sculptures when not in use. Whether you prefer the minimalist look of the Hex Trellis stool in white, or the decorative appearance of the Hexagon Garden stool in blue or cinnamon, you can create exactly the right look. The Ice Ray Garden stool brings to mind abstract art, while the collection of Two-Tone Garden Stools is completely unique and industrial. From decorative china-inspired vases to blocky triangular stools in bright color, Emissary offers anyone a chance to define their eclectic space.

Emissary’s lighting fixtures are just as unique, offering solid vases with beautifully painted scenes, topped with elegantly curved lamp shades. Pair these with the tall cigar jars to hold umbrellas or to create simple vases for an elegant entrance display. Your shelves are complemented by the ceramic foo dogs, in either minimalist white or decorative red and gold. If you prefer items that are supremely contemporary, try the Baluster Vase with its fluted neck, or the Artichoke Planers in turquoise, featuring simple texture and a bright pop of color.

Emissary also offers a collection of natural woven fixtures, such as the Small Water Hyacinth Drum stool, the Shallow Round Hyacinth pendant light, or the Square Hyacinth stool. These items bring eco-chic texture to your space with neutral colors, making them perfect for a homey space with tons of light, or a sleek minimalist space where only natural materials add detail. All orders over $50 ship for free in the lower 48 states at Burke Décor, so this is the perfect time to browse the collection from Emissary. With so many different pieces, the hardest part will be narrowing your selections down to your favorite piece!

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