Kobo Candles

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Kobo Candles

Kobo organic soy candles fill your home with remarkable scents like Portuguese olive blossom, lemongrass, lychee, fig & lavender. Makes a wonderful gift!

Kobo organic soy candles are created by and for those passionate about remarkable scents. The lovely look of the Kobo candle packaging creates an instant gift so beautiful you can skip wrapping. Only the highest quality fine fragrance and essential oils are used to create a room-filling long-lasting, full-bodied bouquet. All Kobo organic soy candles are hand-poured using domestically grown pure soy wax and lead-free, enviro-safe cotton wicks to create the cleanest burning, most planet-friendly candle on the market.

Each soy candle comes complete with long reach matches and an extinguishing lid. Burke Decor's most popular Kobo item is the Kobo Candle 4*Pack where customers can purchase four candles at 15% off the regular price. Get free shipping with delivery to the 48 contiguous states.  

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