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When we hear the term side chairs we might envision a plainer chair meant to provide seating at a dining table, yet these chairs can be so much more. They can provide you with the major decorative theme for the entire dining area, they can stand alone as artisan pieces in a living room or hall, or they can appear in almost any room in the house, including the office, bedroom and even some baths. It is why Burke Décor makes dozens of styles available.

Some home decorators may be unaware of the immense array of designs and styles in which they might find side chairs. While there are many beautiful wooden chairs with upholstered or woven seats, the Burke Décor gallery demonstrates the enormous range of styles that you might choose from when decorating a domestic or commercial space. Designers like Roost, Skalny, Lazy Susan, Aidan Gray and Interlude Home are but a few of the names making these appealing types of seating readily available.

You will find side chairs in every material imaginable, from the classic wood to acrylic, a variety of different metals, leather, resin, woven cording, rattan, and more. They come in every possible hue, including rich green or deep blue as well as natural wood or even goat skin. They can be sold individually as well as in sets, and some are meant to be gorgeous accent pieces in addition to providing seating at a table or anywhere else. The Burke Décor collection of chairs is updated on a regular basis and according to the latest trends. However, there are some perennial favorites.

Some of the most popular side chairs at Burke Décor include the Ellipse chairs designed by roost. Based on classic bucket chairs, they are made of dark metal and woven cords, giving any room an immediate retro look. The Jardin side chair is another timeless design with its birch wood backing, linen seat cushion and array of hues such as white, green, blue or green. Those who love iconic Scandinavian simplicity and quality will appreciate a choice like the oak chairs from Skalny. Whether intended for the table, the living room, by the fire or even as a casual club chair, the different side chair options available ensure good results. The different product pages also give design suggestions, possible chairs for pairing and even show how other customers selected additional pieces to work with specific styles. These can help you choose your ultimate seating selections too.