Hand Knotted

Individual knots are hand-tied on a vertical loom, one row at a time, by specially-trained artisans. Depending on the density of the knots, they can last for generations. Look for intricate hand-carving with hi-lo effects.

Hand Loomed

Those carpets which are woven with keeping the warp and the weft as a prime focus of weaving. Such the game of warp and weft do not show a carpet pile. It is a unique style of weaving craftsmanship.

Hand Tufted

Yarn is hand-punched through a pre-woven fabric with a specialized tufting gun, allowing for precise designs. A cotton-latex backing is glued on to hold the knots in place. This adds strength and rigidity to the rug. 


Our artisans prepare a rug with a thorough hand-washing before the next step, which  is to burn off unwanted fibers—a key step, and a leap of faith. As one rugmaker describes it, it’s a defining moment in a rug’s creation, or the chance for it all to go up in flames.

Coastal Seaside

Striking a perfect balance between style and go-barefoot coastal comfort, this hand-tufted, plush pile rug in 100 percent wool with a palm frond motif in shades of fog and smoke blue, marries soft hand with durability.

Naturals Lucia Collection

This collection is made of 100% woven natural jute, and can be sure to become a staple in any style home. 
From down-to-earth textures to botanical patterns, naturally inspired rugs complete a room’s vibe.

Burke Décor’s collection of Jaipur rugs is both traditional and contemporary. From traditional designs with neutral colors to vibrant, eye-catching patterns and colors, Jaipur has a passion for the art of rug weaving. Jaipur Living works with specialist artisans to create beautiful and durable rugs that are hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand-loomed, and hand-hooked to creating different styles to fit with any décor and space.