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get the look: mexico city

I'm completely obsessed with the amazing home of Dirk Jan Kinset in Mexico City. It is totally worth your time to look at the whole piece on in  Architectural Digest Espana.

Mixing styles and periods, colors and textures, this is a master class in confident decorating. I put together a "get the look" with pieces that you can readily find here on our site, but to really emulate this fabulous example of design you'd need to layer in vintage and personal pieces. I am especially enamoured of the texture of paint on the teal walls but for our purposes I chose a wallpaper with a linen texture that you could build on. I mean those little white glyphs layered in the paint are just magical.

I'm also super in love with the Seletti Rocking Chair in our version. I love the slick modern take on a piece of furniture that is traditionally associated with Grandmothers.

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Rock Me Wooden Chair in Grey + Yellow  * Annex Credenza * Illuminated Globe Light * Mayfair Backlit Mirror * Antique Windowbox Table LampEnslave * Tramp Art Decorative Cabinet * Howard Chandelier * Pierre Table Lamp * Angie Salon Chair * Carins Teak Side Table * Bella Sofa *


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