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Designers Guild

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Designers Guild

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Designers Guild produces luxurious floor coverings for contemporary interiors. Combining creativity and innovation with the highest quality eco-friendly materials and production processes, Designers Guild rugs elevate living into an artform. 

Specializing in a wide range of refined contemporary rugs— Designers Guild produces a variety of durable indoor-outdoor rugs designed to stand up to the elements and high traffic areas. From traditional hand-knotted rugs to ultra-plush shag rugs, Designer Guild brings home comfortable luxury with rectangular and round rugs in natural fibers. 

With innovative designs in modern and classic styles, Designers Guild manufactures top-notch rugs using the finest materials and latest technology. With an extensive selection of eco-friendly styles, colors, and textures to choose from, Designers Guild prioritizes quality and exquisite craftsmanship from sourcing to final inspection and packaging. 

Designed to be resistant to dirt and staining, Designers Guild rugs come with a 10-year anti-stain protection guarantee. Designers Guild rugs are made with strong, hard-wearing materials to prevent daily wear and tear. Built for longevity and durability, Designers Guild rugs make an ideal choice for high traffic contemporary interiors. 

Known for high-quality, luxurious designs— Designers Guild rugs are hand-crafted from durable materials in the finest natural fibers to ensure longevity. Produced in lightweight, zero pile, reversible, recycled PET yarn, Designers Guild’s indoor/ outdoor rugs are easy to clean for optimal functionality and durability. Make a statement with Designers Guild’s unique patterns, vibrant colors, and intricately detailed floor coverings for contemporary and traditional homes. 

Luxury in design and production, Designers Guild rugs require proper care and maintenance to ensure quality and longevity. Vacuum regularly to remove any dust, dirt, and debris from the fabric. Periodically rotate the rug to reduce wear and tear from foot traffic. Spot clean spills immediately with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Professional rug cleaning is recommended every few years to maintain its quality.

Designers Guild

Designers Guild offers an ever-expanding collection of exquisite cushions, blankets, throws, quilts, rugs, towels, home fragrance and now bags in our unique signature style. Superb quality, beautiful design, the very best materials and an extensive color palette are just a few of the qualities that make Designers Guild accessories for the home so special.

It's so easy to bring an interior alive and add a touch of glamour to every room in the house, including special designs for children and young adults. Every room of the house can benefit from Burke Decor furnishings. Designers Guild is ideal for the creative spirit at heart. Shop from an extensive variety of colors, fabric, design, and prints to create your dream home.

Designers Guild's graphic designed pillows and throws are bold and modern that demand attention. From playful butterflies to Technicolor prints, Designer Guild pushes the envelope of home design with their modern touch. These whimsical pieces come in vibrant colors and patterns for an unmatched uniqueness in any other home.

Incorporate Designers Guild patterned pillows to give your living room a lively and outgoing feel. These signature pieces are meant to reflect a vibrant personality that is fun, lively, and interesting. While this collection offers many bold pieces, you can also find simple solid color pillows and mats for a more subtle look.

 Shop Burke Decor today to elevate and transform your home with the Designers Guild home decor line. Add beautiful colors and patterns to makeover any space of your home. Our high quality products are crafted with unique interior design in mind. Shop Designers Guild at Burke Decor for all the latest fashions and trends in home decor.