Traditional Wallpaper

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Traditional Wallpaper

If you are looking to inject serious style into any living space or area of a home or office, traditional wallpaper may be among your most effective design choices. After all, it is a material that can add texture, color and even patterns to the room, turning a plain or unappealing wall into an almost gallery-like space. Burke Décor has an enormous array of traditional wallpaper options well-suited to almost any sort of design scheme. Whether your living space is meant to have a shabby chic, contemporary cool or even a Victorian feel, there are traditional wallpaper options available.

Incredibly easy to install, even wallpaper with a complex pattern or texture makes for one of the fastest updates or design solutions. This is especially true when you begin browsing the immense gallery of Burke Décor traditional wallpaper choices. From a pale printed damask and a bold print in black and gold to an embossed design or a floral pattern, the choices are nearly endless. This can allow you to update a space to keep up with your preferences or improve a space that has become a bit too dull, outdated or in need of a facelift.

Scanning through the Burke Décor gallery of wallpapers provides buyers with access to some premium brands that include ELIZABETH, Angalypta, Seabrook, Candice Olson, Burke and many more. It is a good idea, though to begin a search with some basic concepts in mind. For example, are you seeking a damask print, one of the amazingly popular embossed patterns, the trendy Moroccan inspired paisleys and prints, a metallic paper like those by Grigio, or some sort of floral, flocked velvet, geometric or antique print? There are just that many choices.

There are also a huge array of colors to select, with almost any hue (including glittery metallic prints) available. The Burke Décor site also helps buyers make truly premium choices by offering helpful pairing selections. This can allow you to quickly commit to a full design plan using a bold, printed paper on one wall and a subdued solid or paler print on another. There are also recommended products chosen by fellow shoppers who were seeking a similar print or pattern. Shoppers can also opt to purchase samples in order to be sure they are making the perfect choices. Constantly updated and full of premium brands, the Burke Décor traditional wallpaper assortment is a major tool in your interior design repertoire.

Shop our classic collection of traditional wallpaper for your home. From Damask Velvet Flocked Wallcovering by Burke Decor to Architectural Element Wallpaper by Seabrook Wallcoverings, our selection of traditional home wallpaper will inspire you to add something beautiful to the walls in your home. Within our collection, we have vintage wallpaper designs and patterns that will add a touch of history to the newest house on the block. Try adding some Victorian style wallpaper to your living room or dining room to create a more formal look. Mixing traditional home decor elements with more modern furniture and fixtures will add intrigue and style to your living spaces. Traditional home wallpaper designs are great to work with because they coordinate well with existing home decor. Browse the range of colors and styles for the perfect home wallpaper designs. Once you have made your selections you can enjoy free shipping on orders over $50 to the 48 contiguous United States.